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Gym Gloves

Our men’s gym gloves will help to boost your performance every time you step into the gym. We all get sweaty during a big session, but these specially designed gloves will guarantee a secure grip so that the bar doesn’t slip out of your sweaty hands for those last few important reps. Lifting heavy weights causes a lot of friction between your skin and the bar, but gym gloves will protect your hands from calluses and blisters so that you can lift in total comfort. It is usually our grip that fails before our muscles do so you will see some serious improvements in your lifting game with the right pair of gloves.

Many serious lifters suffer from recurring wrist injuries due to the immense pressure placed on their wrists. All men’s gym gloves have specially designed straps to offer the best possible support, and spread the weight across the whole forearm rather than just the wrists. This helps to prevent commonly occurring wrist injuries such as tendonitis, sprains, and strains, which can all seriously affect your training performance.

At Gym Gloves we also have top-of-the-line gloves for cycling and combat sports, so whatever your gym needs, we have you totally covered!


Fitness Gloves

Fitness Gloves


fitness gloves

fitness gloves



Fitness Gloves Size Chart

Fitness Gloves Size Chart


Fitness Gloves

Fitness Gloves


Weight Lifting Gloves with Premium Leather Palm and Adjustable Wrist Support. Ideal for Crossfit, Gym, Fitness and your daily Workout!

  • High-quality classical Weight Lifting Gloves
  • Durable double stiched Goatskin Leather at the Palm of the Hand
  • 4-Way flexible Neoprene Mesh on the Back of the Hand
  • Integrated 2 inch elastic Wrist support for adjustable Carpal Joint Protection
  • Extended Finger Protection for a superior Grip

Product description

Protect your carpal joints now with EVOLUTION’s classical Goatskin Leather Weight Lifting Gloves

Designed for weight training and competition lifting, these durable EVOLUTION gloves feature goatskin leather palms for superior grip, with a ventilation 4-way Neoprene mesh fabric at the back of the hand to facilitate evaporation of perspiration and help keep the hands dry.

The high quality goatskin leather is extremely supple and durable and, together with the stretch fabric, helps to maximize comfort and grip during extended training and lifting periods. The elasticated wrist support and extended finger protection assist in preventing injuries, and can help to extend training periods without excessive straining.

Together, these features of the Alpha Impact weight lifting glove enable weightlifters to lift heavier weights over longer periods of time.


Superior goatskin leather at the palm of the hand

* 4-Way Neoprene flexible mesh fabric back

* Double-stitched leather palm for extended glove durability

* Integrated elasticated wrist support for a perfect fit

* Velcro closure to fit all wrist sizes

* Maximum grip support for extended lifting

* High-quality classical lifting gloves

To reduce your risk of injury to carpals, metacarpals and joints It is extremely important to have a strong grip to the handle bar, but to achieve such a strong grip without proper wrist support is asking for trouble. Even Olympic lifters are just one lift from a debilitating injury through failing to protect the delicate set of interconnected bones and tendons that make up the wrist. Take Action, wear Carpal Protection!

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