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Types of Head Guards

1-Full-Face Head Guard
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2-Sparring Headgear
Find the perfect sparring headgear for safe and effective training. Explore our top picks now!

3-MMA Headgear
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4-Youth Head Guards
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Evolution Professional Equipment: Leading the Way in Custom Head Gears

It is impossible to exaggerate the value of high-quality equipment in the worlds of sports and combat. The right tools can make all the difference in your performance, whether you’re a seasoned pro or an amateur enthusiast. Evolution Professional Equipment, a leading producer and exporter of customised headgear situated in Sialkot, Pakistan, stands apart in the industry. This article delves into Evolution Professional Equipment’s world, exploring the passion for excellence and the impact on the industry.

Making Excellence in Pakistan's Sialkot

With its origins firmly established in Sialkot, Pakistan, Evolution Professional Equipment has been a leader in the custom headgear industry for more than ten years. Our dedication to producing only the best products has made them well-known not just in Pakistan but even internationally. Our persistent commitment to creating headwear that not only meets but also beyond the expectations of players, coaches, and fans is what makes it different us.

Superior Quality of product

Every article of headgear produced by Evolution Professional Equipment is a tribute to the company’s outstanding workmanship. Each product is precisely manufactured and carefully designed. Quality is our top priority when making any type of protective equipment, including boxing and martial arts headgear. Because of our commitment to quality, we have a committed customer base that covers worlds.

Customization 2004 to 2023

Evolution Professional Equipment is known for its unmatched ability to provide personalization. We are aware that each athlete is different, and that the equipment should suit its particular requirements and tastes. Color schemes, logos, and even custom fittings are among the many customization possibilities available to customers. This level of customization makes sure sportsmen feel confident and at ease in our equipment.

Exporting Excellence Worldwide

Despite having its origins in Sialkot, Pakistan, Evolution Professional Equipment has a significant impact globally. We export our best headgear to consumers throughout the world, establishing our position as a major leader in the market.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Our strict quality control procedures are one of the main factors contributing to our success on a global scale. Each product that leaves our factory is put through a number of tests to make sure it satisfies the highest industry requirements. Customers may buy with confidence knowing that are making long-lasting investments because to our commitment to quality.

The Trusted Choice of Champions

Victories and titles are frequently used as benchmark for success in the worlds of sports and combat. It has been an honour for Evolution Professional Equipment to be champions’ go-to equipment across a range of disciplines. Our headgear has graced the heads of sportsmen who have gone on to achieve fame in sports ranging from boxing to mixed martial arts.


Evolution Professional Equipment shines as a beacon of excellence, skill, and innovation in the field of personalised headgear. With a strong basis in Sialkot, Pakistan, and a global presence, we have built a position for themselves as a trusted choice for professionals and experts alike. Those who are a force to be reckoned with in the business thanks to our focus to excellence, customization options, and sponsorships by top sportsmen.


1. What are the main types of boxing headgear available?

There are several types of boxing headgear designed for various purposes. The main types include: Sparring Headgear: Specifically designed for training and sparring sessions to provide protection to the head, face, and ears. Competition Headgear: Typically lighter and more streamlined than sparring headgear, designed for use during official boxing matches. Youth Headgear: Specially designed for young boxers to ensure a proper fit and maximum protection for their developing heads.
Open Face Headgear: gives the top and sides of the head protection while leaving the face open for improved visibility and ventilation.
Full Face Headgear: It is the perfect choice for people who desire more protection during sparring because it offers full facial protection, including the cheeks, nose, and chin.

2. How can I pick the best boxing headgear for my needs?

The best boxing headgear for you will rely on your individual requirements and preferences. Take into account things like your comfort level, the level of protection needed, and your boxing technique. It's crucial to choose headwear for your training or competition that fits tightly and provides enough protection.

3. Do I require different headgear for competition and sparring?

Although you can wear the same headgear during competition and sparring, many boxers prefer to have different headgear for each activity. While competition headgear is lighter and adheres to competition requirements, sparring headgear is made for training and may provide greater cushioning and protection.

4. Are there different sizes of boxing headgear?

Yes, there are different sizes available for boxing headgear to ensure a good fit. Sizes can vary between manufacturers and frequently range from small to extra-large. To select the correct size, it is critical to measure your head circumference and consult the manufacturer's sizing chart.

5. Is open face or full face headgear better for sparring?

The choice between open face and full face headgear for sparring depends on personal preference. Open face headgear provides better visibility and breathability but offers less facial protection. Full face headgear offers complete facial protection but may reduce visibility slightly. Some boxers prefer open face for sparring to improve visibility, while others opt for full face for added protection.

6. Can boxing headgear be customized with logos or designs?

We offer customization options, allowing you to add logos, choose colors, or personalize your headgear with your name or team branding. Write to our team or supplier to explore customization possibilities.

7. How do I clean and maintain boxing headgear?
The following maintenance advice will help you keep your boxing headgear in good condition:

To get rid of sweat and filth, clean it frequently with damp towel. After each use, let your headpiece air dry to avoid odours and bacterial growth. Avoid leaving it out in the sun for long time because it could harm the materials. Look for any wear or damage indications, such as frayed padding or straps, and replace or fix as necessary.

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