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Evolution Focus Pads(Synthetic Leather)

SKU: EF-116

Focus pad made of synthetic leather trainer.
Evolution trainer feet is a high-quality professional training device for practicing strokes.

Made of high-quality synthetic leather . This model has been specially profiled, which effectively limits the possibility of the blow slipping. This improves the accuracy of the player and the safety of the trainer during the training.

The Hypo effect helps keep your eyes focused on the target. The small size of the paws allows for dynamic training with the use of quick dodges.

The set includes 2 pieces of Pads fastened with Velcro securing the trainer's wrist.

Advantages of training with boxing legs of the trainer:

diversifying training,
simultaneous reflexes and punch strength exercises.
improving the dynamics of movements.


material: synthetic leather.
filling: high-density foam.

Minimum Qty: 10

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