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Strengthen Support Grip

There are some gym goers who find that gym gloves actually impede their grip and technique, or that their form becomes too over reliant on wearing gloves. Other people find that the callus or blister protection is minimal and so decide not to wear them.

Whatever your reasons, if full gym gloves are not for you, there are some other fantastic lifting accessories which can provide many of the same benefits in the gym. Grip hooks, straps, and wraps all help to support your wrist, reduce the friction between your palm mounts and the bar, and can help to improve your performance.

With grip straps and wraps, when setting up your lift, you first wrap the long straps around the bar, and twist it so they are super tight. You can then grip the bar as normal and complete your lift, but with pressure being taken off your grip and spread along your entire arm instead. This can lead to serious increases in both lifting capacity and number of reps because even if your hands give in, the straps will keep the bar secure in your grip. Hooks work the same way, except rather than needing to wrap straps around the bar, you simply hook it on.

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