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The Best MMA Shin Guards 2023 – Full Guide

the best mma shin guards 2023 full guide


When purchasing gear, shin guards are a vital part you shouldn’t ignore. Your legs take a battering in kickboxing and mixed martial arts, so you need to be sure you have the correct ones.

This article will provide you with all the information you require to choose a reliable set of shin guards. guiding you through every aspect of ideal shin guard attributes, ones to avoid, and how to maintain them in peak condition. At the end of the post, I’ll also recommend some shin guards.

what to avoid in shin guards

You should always look for top quality equipment because, like with most combat sports equipment, there is a lot of inexpensive gear available that is not worth your money. When shopping for new shin guards, keep in mind the following categories.


Investing in shin guards made of fabric is among the worst purchases you can make. When you throw and check kicks, these kinds of guards don’t do anything to defend you or your partner. If you wear textile protectors, both you and your training partners will feel every kick delivered.

Since cloth guards lack antibacterial substances, they are also more likely to grow bacteria and a terrible odour. Avoid purchasing these guards since wearing these sorts of guards is a common mistake made by trainees who are new to the sport.


When starting Muay Thai, many people with a point sparring background will have these kinds of guards. Foam guards offer no protection when you throw kicks since they are not designed to deflect strong kicks.

The fact that foam guards never stay on properly is another drawback. You’ll frequently pause to modify and maintain your guards. Very uncomfortable to wear and not recommended for MMA or kickboxing.


You should also stay away from shin guards that only cover your shins and leave your feet exposed. Your feet’s tops constantly take the impact of your kicks as you train. Particularly if you commit the mistake of throwing your roundhouses ineffectively.

Your feet’s delicate bones were not intended to withstand the force of kicks and jabs. If you wear shin guards without foot protection, you’ll probably wind up fracturing your foot in some way.


Keep in mind that it is usually best to stay away from anything related to combat sports that is offered by national sporting goods retailers. The merchandise supplied in those stores is mass produced with an emphasis on profit rather than quality.

They are not produced using the best materials; rather, they are made with ones that are only suitable for retail sale. Shin guards from sporting goods stores often last a year before breaking down from overuse. Do your study to find a quality product if you’re serious about your training and don’t pick for the less expensive choice.

types of shin guards

Shin guards vary widely from one another. Shin guards come in a few distinct varieties, and each is Manufactured for a certain kind of training. Here are the three primary categories of shin guards, along with brief descriptions of each.


There are three different types of elastic shin guards, and they are comfortable to wear. ones that either only cover your shin or the instep of your foot, or ones that protect both your foot and your shin.

These shin guards are the least expensive alternative and just shield the fronts of your legs. Your legs’ backs are fully unprotected and exposed.

Even though these shin guards aren’t the ideal solution, they will function if that’s all you can find.


Kickboxing shin guards are thicker; MMA shin guards are thinner and allow for grappling. In MMA grappling, traditional Muay Thai shin guards are bulkier and more challenging to utilise.

MMA guards slide on easily since they have a neoprene back, similar to elastic shin guards. However, if they are a decent product, they provide more protection and are less likely to shift.

The guards’ fronts give roughly equal protection and resemble Muay Thai shin guards. These are the shin pads you should think about if you train in both MMA and kickboxing.


If you just train in kickboxing, you should purchase these heavy-duty shin protectors. The best products are composed of either premium synthetic leather or strong cowhide leather.

From the top of your knee to the bottom of your toes, they totally enclose your leg. However, be cautious to choose the proper size since if they go over your knee, they will limit your range of motion.

A good pair of Muay Thai shin guards will include at least two or three heavy rear straps to prevent movement. You should try to get these if all of your training consists solely of Muay Thai kickboxing.

Karate Shin Step


Karate Shin Step made of PU with a thick protective layer. Good Molding and elastic straps fastened with Velcro ensure comfort of use. The protectors perfectly absorb blows and fit well to the legs.
Size: S.M.L.XL

Karate Shoes (PU)

Karate Shoes Made of PU inside strong machine mold Foam Padding. Elastic with Velcro Closing.
Size: S.M.L.XL

Shin Guard with foot protection

Introducing the Evolution Shin Guard with foot protection, designed to keep pace with your every move while providing exceptional extra protection. These shin guards are expertly Made from synthetic leather, ensuring durability and reliability during intense activities. The fastening system combines Velcro and rubber, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit, while the added instep protection takes safety to the next level. Available in sizes S, M, L, and XL to cater to your specific needs. Step confidently into action with Evolution Shin Guards!

Shin in step Pro

Presenting the Evolution Shin in  Step pro , equipped with enhanced absorbent extra protection for your utmost safety. These top-notch shin guards are meticulously Made from premium synthetic leather, ensuring both durability and flexibility during your high-impact activities. Available in two stylish color options: White with Gold and White with Black, adding a touch of sophistication to your sports gear. Choose from a wide range of sizes, including S, M, L, and XL, to find the perfect fit for your needs. Step up your game with Evolution Pro Step Shin Guards and face every challenge with confidence!

Shin in Steps (Meeco)

Shin in Steps Made of Meeco inside Neoprene Lining.
Size: S.M.L.XL

Shin in Steps (Synthetic Leather)

Professional hard shin in steps, made of synthetic leather, with a thick protective layer, molded, fastened with Velcro and rubber, with an instep protection.
It will ensure a good fit and comfort of use. It perfectly dampens blows and adapts well to the leg.

It protects the shins and feet from injuries.
Perfect for all combat sports.
Size: S.M.L.XL

Shin in Steps king model


Introducing the Evolution brand’s premium shin in step, complete with an extra foot cover for added protection. Made from the finest quality materials, this set consists of two pieces designed to elevate your sporting experience.

Key Features:

  • Material: Made from synthetic leather for durability and comfort.
  • Padding: Incorporates shock-absorbing foam to minimize impact.
  • Closure: Features a secure Velcro fastening for easy adjustment.
  • Sizes: Available in S, M, L, and XL to suit your preferences.

Experience top-tier performance and safeguarding with Evolution’s professional shin guard and foot cover combo. Made with excellence in mind, this set ensures optimal protection during your athletic endeavors.

Shin Pad in Step Boxing Protection Shin Guards


Shin Pad in Step Boxing Protection Shin Guards Shin pad Made of quality PU material, Filled with strong hand made mold. Elastic with Velcro closing for adjustment.
Size: S.M.L.XL

what-to-look in good shin guards

There are a few defining features you should search for when purchasing high-quality shin guards. What to look for is listed below.


Leather and synthetic leather pads are the best options if you want shin guards that will last. These guards are strong and designed to be trained in for years. If you take care of them, they can withstand a beating and still appear nearly new.

If there are no other options, elastic pads are OK, but leather or synthetic leather are preferable. Shin guards constructed of these materials will last longer.


Many shin guards never stay in place, which is their major flaw. When you're practising, a lot of guards always seem to move or slide. making you stop training so that your equipment may be fixed.

Having to do this repeatedly is very bothersome, so invest in a pair that is both comfortable and stationary.


Never accept the shin pads from a mass-produced sporting goods store or a no-name brand. Always choose a company that is well-known and trusted by experts. Always constructed with high-quality materials, they are meant to last.


To get high-quality shin guards, you don’t only have to look. Additionally, it is your responsibility to take good care of them so that they serve you well during training. Here’s how to clean and maintain your shin guards.


Always carry antiseptic wipes with you in your backpack. To eliminate the bacteria and germs on your shin pads, properly clean them after each training session. Use a brand that doesn't have alcohol on it, please.


Using antiseptic spray on your pads is the next best thing to using antiseptic wipes. Immediately spritz down your guards to keep them clean and fresh, just like with the wipes. each training session. Use a brand that doesn't have alcohol on it, please.


Always remove your shin guards from your bag after using them so they can air dry. You spoil them by leaving your sweaty gear behind.

It causes them to decompose, creates a persistent odour, and raises your risk of illness. Ensure that you always dry them off after each training session.


Shin guards can be damaged by certain cleaning techniques, much like gloves and helmets can. Do not subject your shin guards to machine washing or drying. Your guards will become damaged if you soak them in water, and machine dyeing will make the cloth peel and fade.

Shin guard recommendations

Here are some suggestions for you to take into account now that you are aware of what to search for in quality shin pads. Our selection of Evolution shin guards is some of the best available equipment. Check out the 3 shin guard styles we offer below.


Our shin guards from the Evolution E Series’ form-fitting line provide full coverage while preventing injuries. Top MMA/UFC athletes put our E series guards to the test in a variety of combat situations.

Our E series guards include zero edges and shin to foot flex padding in addition to being cosy and strong. Edges won’t damage your opponent, and wearing pads won’t prevent you from kicking effectively.

These high-quality, long-lasting, and moderately priced shin guards are made to last. We offer 4 additional size options for our Evolution E Series shin guards in addition to black and white.

To view our E series guards, click here.

Finish Up

After reading this article, you ought to be almost an expert in selecting shin guards. You are aware of the positive and negative characteristics to seek out and how to take care of each.

Check out our items if you’re in the market for a new set of shin guards. You may be confident that when you shop with Evolution Professional Equipment, you’re getting the highest-quality guards money can buy.

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