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Double End Ball

D-Ball for training and exercise made of Tanned leather. Inside Butyle Bladder.
Size: Standard

Double End Ball

D-Punching Ball for training and exercise made of  Tanned leather. Inside Butyle Bladder
Size: Standard
Color: Black with Red

Evolution Punching ball

Evolution Punching ball equipped with a synthetic leather hook. Made of high-quality synthetic leather.

* material: synthetic leather
* inner tube: butyl

Fight Evolution training dummy

Two-legged wrestling training dummy for combat sports, by Evolution.
Training dummy designed for comprehensive training of martial arts.
It is approx. 170 cm long and after stuffing it should weigh approx. 30 kg (optimal size for advanced adult training).
The dummy is filled through a pocket on the back, which is closed twice: with a zipper inside and Velcro, which ensures comfort for the trainee.
The design of the dummy was developed to reproduce the human figure as accurately as possible for greater practicality of the training.
The neck part has been designed in such a way as to enable the training of various techniques.
The dummy is made of thick and very durable synthetic leather, sewn together with thick threads.
It is safe to use – it has no sharp edges or steel elements.
Technical specification:
material: synthetic leather
dimensions (length x width): approx. 170 x 65 cm
purpose: BJJ, MMA, wrestling, judo
sold without fillings
packed in foil

Punching Bag

Punching Bagl Made of Synthetic Leather Without Filling.
Size: 60/33 cm , 80/33 cm , 100/33 cm , 120/33 cm , 140/33 cm

Punching bag

Maze Punching Bag Made of Synthetic Leather with chains.

Punching bag split Leather

High quality boxing bag made of natural leather. Without fill. With the chains.
Size: 100/35 , 120/35 , 150/35

Punching Ball

Punching Ball High Quality equipment for training and exercise made artificial leather. Inside Butyl Bladder.

Color: Black , Red

Punching Ball

Punching Ball for training and exercise made of artificial leather. Inside Butyle Bladder
Size: Standard
Color: Black with Red

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